Kaki King – Playing With Pink Noise

When we first heard of Kaki King, we had only one thought, what a strange name. However, that seems kind of superficial after you hear her play. (The video takes a while to load so you might want to pause it once and let it load all the way before viewing, so you can see it without it stopping partway through.)

We are big fans of her playing style, and yes, before you ask, T has tried playing along to this clip. It was pretty funny to watch: He’s convinced either the lip piercing or breasts give her an unfair advantage.
Her site is pretty cool, too: kakiking.com

5 thoughts on “Kaki King – Playing With Pink Noise

  1. I’ve been keeping tabs on her for a while now. She is a great player. I love her freedom.
    If you dig her style of playing, I strongly suggest you check out Bob Brozman. His website is here:
    You can hear his latest NPR interview here:
    He is an ethnomusicologist and a master of rhythm and percussion guitar. He talks about the guitar as a percussion instrument beginning at about the 4:00 mark of the NPR interview.

  2. No probs.
    Well.. my blues blog is what it is… space for my musical ramblings, and unfortunately, more and more of a blues obituary blog these days.
    Give Brozman a look over. He’s good people.

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