4 thoughts on “24 Season 5 Episode 11 – LEG SHOT!

  1. through the first series and 1 more episode to go on the second. After the third set – I’ll be caught up. On the other hand I haven’t been keeping up with the current season. Something to be said for not having to wait until next week for the next episode. Instant gratification!!

  2. I am 8 hours into season 4. I can agree with the instant gratification thing, but when you finish watching all the episodes there is this feeling like someone has just punched you in the gut because nothing remains. Or at least that’s how I felt when I finished the Sopranos.

  3. I remember when me and Adam did a marathon and watched a whole season in a day or two – good times. 24 by the way is one of the only series to deserve this treatment, although Sopranos is doable too, I think.
    I don’t know which is worse – the feeling of nothing remaining like Joel mentions, or the feeling like a crack addict every week waiting for the show to download so you can get that fix. “ohpleaseohpleaseohplease – justgimmejustOneMoreHit”

  4. West Wing is also a great one to watch back-to-back. Mika and I also loved “Firefly”. Ko, do you have the DVD’s of 24, or did you download it?
    Adam, did we get “Wedding Crashers”? Gotta show dad!

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