LSD con el Capitan

I’m ashamed to say I actually have this song on CD.
I guess this means I’ll be using Google Video quite frequently from now on.

3 thoughts on “LSD con el Capitan

  1. nope. Never watched Star Trek on acid. Big Sur and the stage rendition of ‘Day by Day’ and the Del Amo mall when it was walkable in 10 minutes is the only things I remember. By the way, 24 is very cool. The President-character is weak. Smart and weak. On the other hand we actually have one now that is dumb and strong.

  2. The West Wing is the show you want to watch for a smart president; people actually wanted Papa Sheen to run for POTUS. But that series is getting killed after this season.
    BTW I have every episode of 24 on DVD and my computer – the first few seasons were even better than this one.

  3. Dude, funny stuff! Shatner sounds high. Have you seen him on “LA Law?” I think that’s the series.
    Funny stuff.

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