Japanese Whaling

Look, I understand both sides of the issue fairly well – on this issue there isn’t much middle ground to speak of – and I agree that Japan should at least abide by the treaties it has already signed.
HOWEVER, claiming that the Japanese are hunting whales to extinction is just as dishonest.
I’m just saying.

11 thoughts on “Japanese Whaling

  1. I would agree with that. I think people get all up in arms over whales, because they think that they’re supposed to. They’re one of the main symbols that you see conservation groups championing, along with fur seals, elephants, tigers, pandas, and other cute, beautiful, and cuddly mammals. You don’t see them making a big fuss about invertibrates!
    Saying that the Japanese are greatly contributing to the likely extinction of many other marine organisms wouldn’t be an exaggeration. The trouble with fisheries is that you can’t tell when you’ve put too much pressure on a species, and they can fall precipitously once you cross a critical threshold.
    Examples of these would be the pacific sardine (which took over the better part of the last century to recover), the atlantic cod, and the orange roughy (both of which may never recover). We often don’t know enough about how big a population needs to be to be able to replenish itself.
    To be fair, everyone is taking too much, not just the Japanese. I would argue that there just isn’t enough education on this issue over here.

  2. At least you guys are aware and concerned about these critical issues and that’s a good thing. If you notice, this post is getting no outside response, compared to earlier posts about, for instance, weird or gross stuff. I think that most people are just not that interested in the subject of sustainable ocean harvesting or the plight of the creatures we’re wiping out. Not sexy or interesting enough. That’s why MBA tries to hard to make “fun” education of the masses their number one mission. I’m happy you’re both thinking and talking about it. Part of why I think you’ve got passion in your blood about what happens to planet earth and the deeper issues of personal responsibility is that since early childhood you got constant exposure to wonderful institutions of interactive learning like those cool classes at Lawrence Hall of Science, Dana Point Ocean Institute Summer Camp, Catalina Island Sea Camp, Oak Grove Outdoor Science Foundation, and so much more. I am glad our investment in those early days of learning has allowed you to nurture an intelligent way of looking at things. Now for action!

  3. And now for something not so scholarly…I have had whale three times in Japan. One time I think the person preparing it slacked off and it was a bit too meaty for me. The other two times – an absolute delight! It’s not something that I can’t like without, but definitely worth trying if you get the chance.

  4. “Whale hunting is so crule, there is just no excuse for it. none at all.” Is it cruel because they are mammals or what? So what about culling chickens and the sort?

  5. Japan and Norway I think. Whale eaters. I eat whales if there is a chance. But I am also against whale hunting. Have to protect endangered animals. I agree. But If there is an “alreadydead” whale right in front of us, I just pay respect, cook and eat it, moreover cry for the dead.

  6. Dude, that’s crude. I thought you forbade Buttface to tease T about women ‘cuz it wasn’t nice. Maybe it’s okay because he’s your….buddy?
    And may I add, the absolute best Chu-toro sashimi I’ve ever had was kujira and it was buttery, sweet and most unfairly delicious.

  7. “Is it cruel because they are mammals or what? So what about culling chickens and the sort?”
    Dave, I agree. Whales do have a special place in many people’s hearts…(and stomachs)…because of theme park education of the masses via sea stadium shows (Marineland when I was a kid; Sea Worlds all over now). Prior to that, it was man against beast (Moby Duck, I mean, Dick). I vote for cuteness factor. The mammal that has the longest eyelashes and sweetest eyes(cows, horses, dogs, ostriches,etc.) should be deemed “cruel to eat” just because. People should have to KNOW their intended prey and look it in the eye before humane slaughtering and say “Thank You for your life!”, just in case there’s a karmic law against taking its life without permission. Even carrots scream, though. Ask Bunnicula.

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