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This is a public warning. I thought a long time before posting this, and it needs to be said. is a useful site that aggregates, well, news about Japan. I visit it almost every day.
It has a sister site,
There is an option on that site to subscribe for e-mail updates. About a month ago, I accidentally found the UNPROTECTED DIRECTORY where they store complete, unobfuscated e-mail addresses of (what I assume to be) their subscribers.
I subsequently notified an apparent admin of that site in case they wanted to take action to protect their subscribers’ e-mail addresses.
I received no reply. The directory remains open and unprotected. For obvious reasons, I will not link to it here, but e-mail me if you want to check for your address there – it is a spammer’s wet dream.
I have no idea if unsubscribing will remove your address from the directory or not – that is between you and the site operators. I just wanted to bring this issue to light.

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