But was it Jungle Style?

This is perhaps the grossest thing I’ve ever seen before lunch: In-N-Out 100×100
In other news, I have officially decided that Chuck Norris references are already too wack.

6 thoughts on “But was it Jungle Style?

  1. I haven’t had a In-n-Out in YEARS! Maybe next time I go to the States (if I can stay away from Taco Bell & Del Taco). There was a link to an online shoe store towards the bottom of this burger blog. I was supprised to see they carried some wide widths for my big-a** feet OTHER than New Balance. Needless to say, I have bookmarked for my future shoe needs.

  2. dude, I’m there! I love “In and Out” burgers as well as the crispy fries! But those nasty pictures prove that you CAN ruin a lovely thing by getting a bit crazy!

  3. oh my god! I LOVED this entry. my husband showed me that yesterday, & it TOTALLY made me wonder if you & your OC crew* would do shit like that at the in-&-out burger! You’ve gotta hand it to the In & Out staff–they all seem to be enjoying themselves.
    sadly, my experience of in & out burgers is limited to watching the big lebowski.
    I also never knew that “jungle style” could be applied to a hamburger…HILARIOUS!
    For some reason, in my travels out west, I never got my shit together enough to get to an in & out!
    *”your OC crew” –didn’t know how else to put it. you can smack me.

  4. yeah–i thought that i posted something when you had those wpa-style posters…maybe there was a problem because i was posting within what i receive on my RSS feed with your blog…
    anyway, i do keep up daily (usually at work, otherwise i’d chime in more often–boss is out today).
    congrats with the wedding, your lovely wife’s Ph.D., and all that’s going on!!
    🙂 Mandy

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