Simple Motherfuckers (Japanese Cops)

While I was at work today, some cops came around the house claiming they were making rounds and asking about “a Nikkei (= of JP ancestry) man, Justin Yoshida.”
I think fucking not. They made my wife show her alien ID card and student ID. I hope she told them that she isn’t Peruvian, so to FUCK OFF, but I know better.
Those twats are LUCKY that I wasn’t home… You don’t come after all Nikkeis to check if they are really are or not, just because a case involving one is all over the news. Fucking idiots.

7 thoughts on “Simple Motherfuckers (Japanese Cops)

  1. 1. over-reaction by the authorities. Been happening since well before WW2.
    2. it’s only a few more months. Japan’s population – minus two.

  2. If you drive, watch out–it’s ticketing season. The cops get a cut of the money they collect, so they’ll ticket you for anything they can get you on. Last week, as I approached a red light, a huge-ass truck was sitting there. I passed it on the right, in the right-turn lane, and when I got to the light, I got back into the through lane in front of the truck. Cop ticketed me, for ?6000. If I had passed the truck on the left, which would have been much more dangerous as there was less room, I would have been kosher. And it was a red light, no one was moving. Which means the “violation” was meaningless, a technicality. But then so was the first ticket I ever got, years ago, for making a right turn on a street with three lanes while riding a scooter which was less than 51cc, as opposed to a two-lane street or with a 70cc scooter. Makes no goddamned sense, no difference whatsoever in reality. But it’s ticketable, so the bastards pull you over to get their commission. But when the bozozoku scream through your neighborhood every night at 2 am, going up and down, back and forth for half and hour, with illegally modified bikes and no helmets, violating every traffic law you can think of, no cop moves to stop them.
    That, and when you try to report a crime they as often as not tell you they can’t be bothered. Or they hold you for 23 days without a charge and apply torture to get a confession. Or they stand by and watch while a guy gets beaten and thrown in the trunk of a car by a yakuza type. Or they stop you for riding your bike, claiming you stole it because you’re a foreigner. Or… hell, the list goes on.
    Japanese cops don’t do anything to earn respect, as far as I have been able to observe. Even Japanese people feel this way generally. They’re good at show, but lousy at enforcement; if they were dropped into a high-crime area in a major U.S. city, they’d probably crap their pants. They give the distinct impression of being lazy, corrupt and incompetent.
    Who, me, rant?

  3. The crime wave that wasn’t

    It looks like Japan is once again in the grip of the “foreign crime wave” bogeyman. Kyodo News reports:

    The government plans to set up a panel to discuss measures to pr…

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