Ferris Bueller’s Day Off “Soundtrack”

“Unfortunately, Hughes’ didnt feel that the music would fit together well when removed from the film and compiled into an album. The songs work really well alongside the highs and lows of the film, but there isnt much of a common thread running between the songs other than the film’s plot. So unlike Hughes’ other successful films, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off never received an official soundtrack release.”
Go get all the songs in mp3 format here.

Despues, despues

When I feel kind of weird and sad, I whisper songs in Spanish to myself. The thing is, I only really know one song in Spanish besides the usual karaoke fare.
Yo s?lo quiero mirar los campos,
yo s?lo quiero cantar mi canto,
pero no quiero cantar solito,
yo quiero un coro de pajaritos.
Quiero llevar este canto amigo
a qui?n lo pudiera necesitar
Yo quiero tener un mill?n de amigos
y as? m?s fuerte poder cantar.
Yo quiero tener un mill?n de amigos
y as? m?s fuerte poder cantar.
Yo s?lo quiero un viento fuerte,
llevar mi barco con rumbo norte,
y en el trayecto voy a pescar
para dividir luego al arribar.
Yo quiero creer la paz del futuro
quiero tener un hogar seguro.
Quiero a mi hijo pisando firme,
cantando alto, sonriendo libre.
Yo quiero amor siempre en esta vida,
sentir calor de una mano amiga,
quiero a mi hermano sonrisa al viento,
verlo llorar pero de contento.
Venga conmigo a ver los campos
cante conmigo tambi?n mi canto
pero no quiero cantar solito
yo quiero un coro de pajaritos

That is all.

Hardboiled Mexicana

In other news, it appears that Mexican criminales are watching too much Tarantino:
“When the police arrived they took the helmet off the corpse, believing at first that he had died in the crash …he had adhesive tape stuck to his face, a knife wound to his forehead, and showed signs of strangulation.”
Full story here.