Japanese Office Trivia of the Day: FedEx

Did you know that FedEx actually has FOUR official FedEx Box sizes?
Small, Medium, Large, and unmarked. The unmarked size is larger than all the others… and the very existence of an unmarked box size annoys the shit out of me for some reason. Logically, it should be Extra Large or X-Large or oh!oh!oh! I know!… FedEx Large!
Fucking office work marginalizing my Medulla again. Tomorrow I might report on the danger of paper cuts in the workplace and the Japanese solution of thick orange condoms for your fingertips.

5 thoughts on “Japanese Office Trivia of the Day: FedEx

  1. Dude, think outside of the boxes. And a random thought came to mind….are you going to let us see you in your cute Hello Kitty uniform at work? Seeing you fuming over an unmarked extra- large supersized FedEx box while prancing around in that pastel pajama makes me smile!

  2. No, because I took enough photos last Friday to last my whole life (so many that Nam even promises she won’t make me take any photos ever again). Also because I have never betrayed my place of work on this blog and must keep it that way.

  3. boring fact of the day – the ‘Ex” in the logo combine to make an arrow in the white void (take a look) – and you’ve never used a thick orange condom over your thumb before? man, you haven’t lived….

  4. Yeah, I read about the hidden arrow a few months back and that was all I could see whenever I saw the logo after that. Also, Papercuts hurt but I like them once in a while for some strange reason – they are itchy when they mend but that may not be the reason.

  5. They’ll go to Fed->Ex Venti with those unmarked boxes after the great FedEx/Kinko’s/Starbucks merger of 2008.
    Speaking of weird office-finger things that remind you of the sex industry…my workplace has stopped carrying “Tacky Finger” (that greasy stuff that you dab your fingers into so that you can flip through stacks of paper quickly). They have instead outfitted us with nubbed rubber thimbles that are basically the equivalent of wearing French Ticklers on your fingers… (ending this post with a Simpsons-style shudder).

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