Endangered Species

The path I have chosen is the very model of assimilation into broader culture.
– My blood is nearly 100% Japanese (whatever the hell that means), although I may have some Russian blood in me as well (that would explain my fondness for vodka and the occasional rogue orange whisker that sprouts from my chin).
– My children will be of (nearly) 50% Japanese ancestry.
– My grandchildren will be mostly machine, but partially designed in Japan.
UPDATE: In a parallel history, my Japanese bloodlines have already disappeared due to a nefarious government plot.

1 thought on “Endangered Species

  1. Ever consider what sort of nefarious plots might have been unleashed by the japanese political/military machine if they’d gotten their way in America? Issei and Nisei were considered the ultimate traitors (even the “Yes-Yes” people who returned to Japan) and would have been subjected to some nasty treatment, perhaps? All’s I know is that this sort of calculated evil for scientific, political and military purposes, sprouts from the same bad seed in each person’s soul, fertilized by fear, hate, greed and ignorance, no matter what country, creed or background. Humans are amazing creatures, for both good and bad.

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