Fishing Pics – Sumoto Port

Photos from last Sunday:
Nam with the gourmet catch of the day, a maruhagi (triggerfish).
Stephanie taking a hard day off from working the Gallic skies.
T-dog and Michelle serving it up raw.
A better photo of the spread.

4 thoughts on “Fishing Pics – Sumoto Port

  1. Dude, no photographer credit? It took (sniff) so much effort to arrange those fish (still moving) on your previously sterile cutting board. Where’s the pic of Taro kissing the hage?

  2. Oops, I forgot to mention that. I didn’t take any of these photographs – Adam did.
    The hage-kiss pic I thought I’d save for a Taro special someday, maybe his next wedding. I have pictures of him molesting stuffed animals, too.

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