Elephant Trivia

Holy shit.
In Thailand, you can apparently rent an elephant for around $30 a day.
I assume I need to feed them a couple hundred pounds of monkeys or whatever they eat a day, as well, but still…
I might just rent one for everybody so we can play bumpercars or something.

4 thoughts on “Elephant Trivia

  1. I think they’re herbivores… See, I’d want to rent one for the day, feed it nothing but bananas, ipecac and senna, and just *aim* the animals “working end” (which ever end was voluminously expelling at the moment) towards my nemesises.

  2. Mandy,
    The midgets will work for a copy of the DVD!
    Thai elephants usually eat green curry and tom yum goong so I thought I’d add some protein to their diet.

  3. Maybe I’ll forgo the whole “parading through the village with Clown Groom and freak-friends” event and just watch the DVD myself…who needs to sweat it out in nice silks, trying to look presentable when there’s a friggin circus in town?! Yayyy for the groom’s mom sitting pretty on the beach getting a massage, manicure, umbrella drinks and pu-pus (Hawaiian-style) instead of pachyderm poo-poos! 😉 I vote for baby elephants anyways because they are sooo cute.

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