Bust out the cane sword

For those of you coming to our wedding in Thailand, we will be hiring a couple of masseuses to stay at the hotel and treat all of our guests to muscle-kneading nirvana. Why masseuses as opposed to male masseurs?
Well, obviously, first this is because I’m a guy and I have a sausage-snatching-by-other-men phobia, but this is kind of beside the point, because the masseuses I intend to employ are old women. In fact, the one who we have already confirmed is an old, blind woman – so I know she rocks without even having met her. You see, I have had a variety of massages here and there over the years. They have been performed by males and females, young and old. The best massages I have ever had were all done by old women. Add to that fact the heightened physical awareness presumably caused by blindness, and you have the recipe for really being made an old woman’s bitch on the massage table – I can’t wait! How about you?
Coincidentally, I’m currently in the process of downloading all 25 of the original Zatoichi movies.
Katsu Shintaro was the fucking man!

5 thoughts on “Bust out the cane sword

  1. I have my hair cut in a salon (Poof poof I here you cry :)) and after my hair is washed (often by a man) I get a head and shoulder massage (often by a man) It was hard to adapt to at first.

  2. I agree with Adam…but hey, you boyz were raised on good old chambara movies, so it’s good to see you revisiting Zatoichi, Yojimbo and the like!

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