Via Technorati?

Regarding my previous post about QOOP, the fact that the service rep found the review I wrote and responded in the comments in less than half a day just blew my mind. I imagine that they probably found my post by monitoring a search subscription like this, which, I might add, is a really smart thing to do when a significant portion of your target market is likely to have a blog.
QOOP states publicly in my comments that they are improving their service and willing to make good on the product with which I am less than happy. That’s just awesome! Other companies, take note.
I really want this service to work out – if it does, QOOP has gained a loyal customer and free advertising via any future commentary of mine as well as the photo books I will be showing off to everyone I know.
The other thing I wanted to mention is that Technorati really got their act together just as Gen Kanai promised in an earlier post here, and as Technorati founder/CEO Dave Sifry posted on his blog. Searches are super fast again, and Cosmos (URL) search is back up. This is great news, because when Technorati was suffering from overload (a product of their own popularity), I searched long and hard for a suitable replacement. There was none.

2 thoughts on “Via Technorati?

  1. Thanks for the kind words about Technorati! There’s still a lot more to do, but I’m glad that you’ve noticed the performance increases that we’ve already made. Keep coming back, and keep letting us know how we can be of more service to you!

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