Oh. My. Shaka.

I don’t know what’s more disturbing, the fact that this site exists, or the fact that my family’s Shitzu has a bee costume, too. Or the fact that I bought him an Eeyore costume at a dog clothing store in Kobe last year. Oh my god, I’m practically an eight year old girl! I’ve been in the land of Hello Kitty and Totoro way too long!
(Mom, please send a photo of Jak in his bee suit for me to post)

2 thoughts on “Oh. My. Shaka.

  1. *sigh*, I have a bit of a problem with all this fuss about dressing dogs up in costumes. But I have to admit that it’s a comical high point to see you rolling around in absolute hysteria with poor Jak sadly peering out from a droopy eeyore costume! Does the dog know you’re laughing at him? Does he lose dignity? Who care, it’s damned funny! Anyway, Mika is the one with the cutsie-pie bee photo on her refrigerator!

  2. I take no small amount of pride in the fact that Jack would win “cutest-freakin’-beedog-of-them-all” in any unbiased vote. So I have no problem sending you his photo, so long as I receive my share of royalties (payable in appropriate Totoro & Kitty memorabilia).

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