Another dream…

I dreamt of speaking with an Indian chief over a campfire. Unfortunately, it was not an Indian fire, but a “white man’s fire,” and it drew our enemies in closer and closer with its absurd largeness. They were taking potshots at us. Hurriedly, the chief passed onto me a buffalo horn and said simply, “you will know what to do with it.”
Then he started singing:
See my arrows fly
Over and over and over. An arrow pierced his heart, and he passed into the next world, content. I was left holding the buffalo horn.
The thing is, I know this song from my childhood, but I can’t remember what it’s from. Why so many vivid dreams lately? (That’s not a complaint, I just want to know why.)

5 thoughts on “Another dream…

  1. Lots of changes in your life, bud. You are trying to sort stuff out in your life and this is what your brain is giving you. Who knows what the Cosmic Buddha has in store for us…

  2. Probably the incoming typhoon messing with your dreams…pressure change and all that. Or maybe too much fish sausage. As an aside where does one go on a saturday night in Sumoto?

  3. Kobe.
    …or cow tipping.
    Actually, there’s a couple of okay bars around town, and the locals are friendly. Give us a shout if you’re in town for the onion festival. Yee-haw!

  4. Well I`ll probably be here for that…I live here now. I`m one of those social outcasts that ends up teaching english overseas. well not really a social outcast, just wanted to see Japan so now I`m teaching english in Sumoto.

  5. Hmmmmm…Remember making fake indian drums out of Quaker oatmeal boxes and singing songs (with all the other boys and their dads, who were trying to be good sports) in front of the campfire? Hiyayaya, Hiyayaya, yeah…..Your indian name was Black Wolf or some sort of wolf, I forget. How could you forget? If memory serves me correctly, the dads took y’all to Catalina for a weekend campout and you, big brave hunter, caught an amazing sheepshead bass! Hiyayaya!

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