There is no love in your violence…

This sounds like a scene straight from Ishi the Killer:

…Nagasawa then punched the victim in the face, saying he did not answer politely enough…
…Nagasawa then allegedly followed the victim into his apartment and forced him to take off his contact lenses…
“Are you wearing contact lenses now? Put them in my eyes,” Nagasawa told the 31-year-old victim….
After Nagasawa’s arrest Thursday in Kawasaki, just south of Tokyo, police put on display what they confiscated from his home — 124 pairs of glasses and 30 pairs of contact lenses of a wide variety…
…Police did not comment on his motive but Nagasawa reportedly said: “I felt good when I wore the glasses of a friend in my junior high school days. I have ever since been searching for glasses that fit me.”

You can read the whole article here.
Sometimes the quotes from criminals in Japan are just so surreal. Just yesterday, I was watching on the news about a 14 year old kid who hit a man in a wheelchair on the head as hard as he could with a dumbell because he was angry and felt like hitting someone, anyone. I guess the poor guy in the chair just picked the wrong moment to wheel across the street.

4 thoughts on “There is no love in your violence…

  1. What is the deal w/violence in Japan? Seems like there’s a national schizophrenia when it comes to violence and peace. An healthy appreciation for purity and beauty, yet a propensity to do awful shit.
    I remember reading a story about an elementary school girl who took a razorblade to school and sliced a classmate to ribbons in the cloak room. I’ve seen also that the little girl has been glorified as some type of fucked-up counterculture icon.
    More personally, I recall a few heated arguments I engaged in w/Y. When she was losing the argument she drew back and punched me in the face. Shocked me.

  2. Did you pull off a suplex and show her who was boss? 😉
    Seriously, there’s slashings and smashings in the news every day, not quite glorified like it is in the US media but there is a definite attraction for sixkos there, I think.

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