All your base is belong to… Gaijin?

Whoa. Check out the latest comment on my Black Bus post from last year:
You are not understand nothing yet… gaijin
The commenter, Ryoma, is either a big fan or a cock-hoggin’ goose-stepper – I just can’t figure out if his comment is high praise or the lowest of insults.
You are not understand nothing… I have to admit, this has a special ring to it. The double negative implies that I know something… On the other hand, perhaps nothing is a reference to mu, the state of nothingness one achieves through meditation – or perhaps in Spain, where Ryoma is posting from, through several bong hits. Now that is just hurtful, man.
At least he has hope in me, as implied by the trailing “yet.” Maybe he sees my potential for not understanding nothing. Now that might be something to hope for!
Anybody else have any insight into this?
Ryoma, damn you! Why must you confound me so? RYOOOOOOOOOMAAAAAAAA!

4 thoughts on “All your base is belong to… Gaijin?

  1. “Still equals a negative” … are you implying that this aspect of Spanish will change soon? Am I not incorrect?

  2. I guess he wanted to say, “you are not to understand nothingness;yet, as a gaijin you come very close to the point” meaning nothingness by which you are to be enlightened is not the object of your recognition, but you have to be nothingness itself to be enlightened.

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