Remote Damage Report

Because today did not start off so well (I almost got in TWO accidents on the way to work, where I was promptly chastised for not buttoning down the button-down collars on my new pink shirt – how could I make something like that up?), I was happy to read my mom’s commentary on the party they had at home. Apparently, we in the Land of the Big Red Rising Riceball missed out on:
– Hot Dogs
– Barbecued Kalbi
– Silver Queen corn
– Homegrown zucchini, eggplant, Maui onions, and bell peppers
– My Auntie Betty’s potato salad, fresh-baked cookies, and a “crusty, crunchy coffee toffee cake”
– 20 pounds of King crab legs
– Case of oysters
– Lumpia
– Auntie Ling’s steamed ginger/scallion flounder and deep-fried flounder
…and to top it all off, S’mores.
The thing that really gets me though, is that they were able to make S’mores in our fireplace. Living in Japan for so long, I basically forgot those things existed.

4 thoughts on “Remote Damage Report

  1. Shit, seriously. I treated myself to KFC last night, because I was craving some proper food for the 4th. And the scary thing was, it tasted pretty good. I think its time for a trip to Costco, followed by a beach barbecue…

  2. Next stop for Justin will be a festive Tom Yam Kun Thanksgiving & a delightful Sweet Basil Chicken Xmas in Thailand 🙂

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