Oh god, I can’t stop laughing:

“You didn’t whup everybody yet, Scarlett,” Stalker said. He pointed behind her with a subtle smile. She turned to find the quietest Joe of the bunch – Snake-Eyes. He wore a hat that seemed to hide his face somewhat, but Scarlett could see he was handsome and noticed his intense eyes. She would have found him attractive if she wasn’t about to kick his ass. Snake-Eyes stepped forward, and they fought longer than the other Joes had, with Snake-Eyes obviously trained better than the others. Scarlett smiled at the challenge. But she finally got the better of him. As Snake-Eyes recovered, Scarlett was a little confused. She could tell that Snake-Eyes was better trained than even her. He had LET her win… She held back a smile, wondering why he did it…

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2 thoughts on “GO JOE!

  1. I just read through one of those stories beginning to end. The author is obviously the loneliest horny dork in existence

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