I’m probably the last person on the internet to find out about it, but this is just about the funniest shit I’ve ever read: Lord Spatula: The Complete Tool
My only thought is that the spatula guy really needs to delete his blog, burn his modem, and find solace in the real world because he got absolutely 0wnz0red on the ether.

4 thoughts on “DOES HE LOOK – LIKE A BITCH? (yes.)

  1. That was pretty damn funny. Reminded me of my younger days on (shhhhh) AOL, when flame wars were the rule. I doubt I could muster up the energy for a sustained exchange like the one between Lord Fatula and the Reverend. That guy did indeed get his cowardly ass handed to him.
    “Say it to my face!”
    “No, YOU say it to MY face!”

  2. Lord SCATula did indeed get his fat ass handed to him. Those pitiful cowards like SCATula never lose bcause they only fight effete liberals that exist in their warped minds only.

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