Despite Everything

It’s like the greatest toilet reading material of all time. After all, what’s more depressing than reading about those in search of punk as you take a short respite from your normal, white collar salaryman existence (until you remember that this is existence is actually pretty damn unusual for an American). Anyway, it’s been a steady diet of Cometbus for the past couple weeks, since the last of my post-WWII Japan books ran out. I’m still very interested in that subject, but have pretty much run out of the good material on it. Nothing left now but to write a book on it.

2 thoughts on “Despite Everything

  1. hey justin, which cometbus(es) have you been searching through?
    it’s probably trite & overstated now, but aaron cometbus is SERIOUSLY the kerouac of our generation.
    ALSO–If you’re a fan of Cometbus, I would HIGHLY recommend SCAM, done by Iggy SCAM. You probably know this already, though. If not, Iggy is less contemplative than Aaron, but no less clever. And a total laff-riot.
    I think that back issues of SCAM are available from Iggy Scam, PO Box 40272, San Francisco, CA 94140.
    …this was posted in 2002, you might want to fire an email to to see if the address is still good.
    Of course, if it isn’t available, I’d be more than happy to make copies for you to check out.

  2. Mandy, thanks for the tip, as always! I’ll see if I can get my hands on SCAM and let you know.
    I’m currently reading through Double Duce, I believe it’s issue #42. It’s reminding me of life in my university dorm here in Japan.

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