Just gotta say that this movie and Sin City have semi-restored my faith in Hollywood. I downloaded the rip (mad props to the FiCO CREW) but liked it so much I’ll buy the DVD just for the extras. I miss Los Angeles (well, the taco trucks at least).

4 thoughts on “Crash

  1. I haven’t had a chance to see “Sin City” again. Were you right about Kevin the cannibal? Was he simply propped against the tree?

  2. What a bold, funny, cynical story! Strange thing was, some people didn’t “get it” and walked out. perhaps because of the glory-of-gory factor….as if Real Gore in our Real World (and politiks) isn’t more offensive.

  3. Kev – I went over the section in question again last night and it looks like you were indeed just propped up against the tree. Marv’s reference to “tying” was made in regard to the surgical tubing used as tourniquets on your stumps.
    Mom – Did they walk out of Crash, or Sin City?

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