Uniformly Wrong

Gatson came by the house last night to install the English version of MS Project, and he told me about our new work uniforms, which we will be issued around the end of the month and have to wear from July 1st. I came into work today and confirmed the new design with the other guys in the office:
– Pink shirts with red collars
– Light green pants
An alternative title for this post is, “The REAL Reason I’m Leaving This Job and Country.”
Apparently there is a leak at our company at a higher level, because they are ripping this decision to threads over at 2ch. Pretty funny shit, but it would be a lot funnier if it were happening to someone else…
BTW, there’s still no news about which board member’s fashion school dropout nephew designed this abortion of a color scheme.

4 thoughts on “Uniformly Wrong

  1. Every time I think to myself, “damn this place [Tokyo/Japan] is surreal,” I stop by your blog and have to admit, “damn, Justin’s reality is always _more_ surreal than my own,” 😉

  2. It doesn’t get much more surreal than red collars, I admit. Do you wear a uniform to work still, or are you in eigyoman attire?

  3. Wear it with gay pride, I say! Pink shirts and red collars with light green pants are exactly the colors they painted that gawdawful outdoor mall in gardena, remember? Strange, pukey FOB colors which just glowed with artsyfartsy bad taste…
    please post a pic so we can do laugh therapy?

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