Blame the Gaijin

Another reason I’m definitely leaving Japan next year: Japan to have all foreigners carry IC cards for crime control

The LDP and the government claim the new policy is aimed at keeping track of foreigners as part of measures to prevent terrorism and crimes.

Well, it might be especially effective if they decide to embed RFID chips to enable remote scanning. I can just imagine all Japanese police cruisers equipped with gaijin detectors on the dashboard. Perhaps they can include a dye packet and/or taser function to help out, as well.
I imagine this also has to do with the recent spate of counterfeiting and identity thefts – I’m told that stolen gaijin cards can be sold for 20,000 yen in minami, no questions asked, and that a fake one can be purchased from around 70,000.
The most intrusive part of the new plan that they are admitting to lies here:

Holders will be required to report any change of address and obtain permission to change jobs.

As if it’s not tough enough to get a job as it is now, in a couple of years you’ll have to obtain permission from the government first.
Hey look, in the opening paragraph of the article, they used the words “Japanese government” and “intelligence center” in the same sentence! Why does the government have to be such a pain in the ass and go so far out of their way to be oppressive? Is this payback for doing away with the mandatory fingerprinting of gaijin or something? All I have to say is, sayonara suckers.

4 thoughts on “Blame the Gaijin

  1. So you’re leaving Jp? Going to Thailand w/your girl?
    If so, you’ll have to post a few pics of some muay thai fights.

  2. Yeah, we are planning on leaving next April or so – you KNOW I’ll be at Lumphini Stadium to take pics and learn how Thai betting works every time I’m in Bangkok!

  3. Dude! You HAVE to get me a job in Thailand so I escape the reach of Big Brother (or Big Blother – whichever). Or maybe I should just give up my American citizenship and become a Jamaican or something…

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