Request: Test my comments

An old friend left a comment on the post I left right before going on vacation. That’s my homegirl, Molly, who can be forgiven for living among the Cheese Nips (my affectionate and uber-PC nickname for Japanese-French friends) in Bordeaux for so long mainly because she kicks so much ass… Anyhow, I’m corresponding with her via e-mail now, and she mentioned that she couldn’t post the word “ass” in my comments.
I assume that something in her comment got caught in the blacklist I use to keep spammers from filling my comments with “EXXXPLODE HER W1TH YOUR PURPLE-WARR10R’S BEST FR13ND, V1AL1S” type of shit, but I don’t think it was due to the word “ass,” as she claims. Here’s where my request to you, loyal readers, comes in: PLEASE TRY POSTING OBSCENITIES IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS POST.
I’m guessing this may not be so hard for some of you. I myself will be posting a song to kick things off in a “slightly more interesting than average guttermouth” sort of way, but feel free to soil my online home with whatever dirtiness digs your fancy. If your comment happens to be rejected by my filter, please send it in full to me via e-mail (jATcosmicbuddhaDOTcom). OK? Peace; thx in advance. NOW FUCKING GET TO IT!

9 thoughts on “Request: Test my comments

    She said
    She’d take me anywhere
    She’d take me anywhere
    As long as she stays with me
    She said
    She’d take me anywhere
    She’d take me anywhere
    As long as I stayed clean
    Kiss kiss Molly’s ass
    Kiss kiss Molly’s ass
    Kiss kiss Molly’s ass
    Kiss kiss
    (repeat to infinity; apologies to Kurt Cobain)

  2. The thread I’ve been waiting for all my life!
    I’m gonna kill him
    I’m gonna break his face
    I’m gonna crack his skull
    I’m gonna kick it all in
    I’m gonna break his legs off
    I’m gonna rip his head off
    and then shit down his neck
    and then I’ll laugh like a motherfucker
    — with apologies to Ministry
    now I’m off to play some texas holdem poker with my MILF girlfriend who sells Viagra and Calais to orphans.

  3. Well sex is so erotic
    That I’m becoming a neurotic
    A guaranteed psychotic
    Get down and get it on
    I’m loaded in a spasm
    I’ve exploded in a chasm
    Put your trust in mother lust
    Cos she’s an angel dust deluxe
    So get it on and get it on
    Baby get it on

  4. Hello please, let me introduce myself to you. I am th etrusted personal secretary of a Scrotum gobbling cum guzzling cunt monkey! I want to offer you $72,000,000,000 and your bank account too trusted friend. I am from Laos!

  5. shitfuckdamn!shitfuckdamn!shitfuckdamn!shitfuckdamn!shitfuckdamn!shitfuckdamn!shitfuckdamn!shitfuckdamn!shitfuckdamn!shitfuckdamn!shitfuckdamn!shitfuckdamn!shitfuckdamn!shitfuckdamn!shitfuckdamn!shitfuckdamn!shitfuckdamn!shitfuckdamn!

  6. Merde de putain de bordel, ?a fait chier, putain, MERDE.
    Sophie a raison… ?a marche en fran?ais.
    Und now for zee Eengleesh, some Tenacious D lyrics:
    “Fuck Her Gently”
    This is a song for the ladies
    But fellas listen closely
    You don’t always have to fuck her hard
    In fact sometimes that’s not right to do
    Sometimes you’ve got to make some love
    And fuckin give her some smooches too
    Sometimes ya got to squeeze
    Sometimes you’ve got to say please
    Sometime you’ve got to say hey
    I’m gonna fuck you– softly
    I’m gonna screw you gently
    I’m gonna hump you– sweetly
    I’m gonna ball you– discreetly
    And then you say hey I bought you flowers
    And then you say wait a minute, Sally
    I think I got somethin in my teeth
    Could you get it out for me
    That’s fuckin teamwork
    What’s your favorite posish?
    That’s cool with me
    It’s not my favorite
    But I’ll do it for you
    What’s your favorite dish?
    I’m not gonna cook it
    But I’ll order it from Zanzibar
    And then I’m gonna love you completely
    And then I’ll fuckin fuck you discreetly
    And then I’ll fucking bone you completely
    But then
    I’m gonna fuck you
    PS: I noticed I was unable to add HTML tags for italics. When I hit “preview,” they all went away.

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