Dumb? Retarded? You, too, can become an Immigration Officer!

I picked up Nam at Kansai Airport after work on Friday and she told me of her plight coming through immigration. Apparently trying to crack down on the number of overseas students completing doctoral studies at Japanese universities, Immigration decided to single her out for questioning.
Considering the number of drug smugglers and Thai nationals about to enter Japan as sex slaves on tourist visas, on the same flight, it is remarkable that Immigration can single out one of the few with legit credentials, like Nam.
Even more amazing is the intelligence of the questions asked:

Immigration Officer (leafing though Nam’s passport): I see that your student visa has expired…
Nam: Yeah, you see, they stamp “EXPIRED” on the old one when you renew it. The current one is on the next page.
Immigration Officer: Oh.


Immigration Officer (noticing that Nam lived in Nara prefecture last year, as evidenced by her student ID): So, is Osaka University located in Nara?
Nam: Uh, no. Osaka University is located in Osaka.
Immigration Officer: Oh. OK, you’re free to go.

I don’t know about you, but I:
A. Feel safer already, and
B. Am sure happy to see my tax yennage being spent to keep geographically-challenged fucktards employed by the government instead of, say, McDonalds, where they might screw up my order of large fries and a shake.

1 thought on “Dumb? Retarded? You, too, can become an Immigration Officer!

  1. When I was working for AOM French Airline, I needed a Visa for USA. So I went to the USA Ambassy in Paris.
    They gave me a paper with a lot of questions like:
    -Are you a terrorist?
    -Are you a drug dealer?
    -Are you a prostitute?
    -Have you been in jail? Why?
    –If you answered yes to any of those questions, you may not get the Visa.
    Well, it just make me laugh, but it’s a waste of paper, who the hell would say “yes I’m a terrorist!”
    Ils sont tous cons!
    Sophie K

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