Region Free Command for by d:sign d:1070

If you bought a by d:sign d:1070 DVD player in Japan and need instructions for unlocking the region free function (to be able to view DVDs from other regions), look no further:
1. Open the tray
2. Press the Setup button on the remote
3. On the Selection page, press the following buttons: 1, 3, 7, 9
4. When the Region Code screen appears, change the Region from 2 to 0
5. Buy me a beer if it works!

5 thoughts on “Region Free Command for by d:sign d:1070

  1. it worked for me. thanks. but instead of a map I got just a dialogue box that said “region code” and a number which could be scrolled from 1 to 6 via the up/down button on the remote. I successfully played a region 2 dvd and then a region 1. Now, about that beer…

  2. Kinda worked for me, except I went to the preferances menu and reset the password old:1234, new:1234 then I entered 1379. Instead of the usual screen with the region code in a green box and other info above it I got a screen with only region code and number. Using the up/down arrow I was able to select “0” and now all my DVDs work.
    I wonder how many times I can change my region.

  3. Hmmm… Never occurred to me to change it after setting it to region-free, but I understand your curiosity. I’ll go out on a limb and guess that the number of times it can be changed is unlimited and not like some DVD-R drives for computers that can only be changed 7 or so times.

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