Exactly two weeks to go until I put my life in the hands of JAL and escape on a ten day adventure to Southeast Asia – I can hardly wait! My pal, T, is flying to Bangkok on the 25th, and I’m out on the 27th. We’ll meet up with Nam the next day and we have no plans other than hitting up the Chattuchak street market the first weekend, them joining up with T’s ex, Natty, for a nice, dusty drive to the border of either Laos or Cambodia… I’m leaning toward Cambodia at this point; I want to much around the ruins before the next wave of kidnappings kicks off.
I was going to buy a D70 for the trip since they hit the sub 90,000 yen mark, but it seems that Nikon is bringing out a new, improved version (oh, so shiny! and new!) right around the time I leave, so I might put off buying a new camera until the next big trip. Oh well, it just means I can be more fearless with my old one (the one before it drowned horribly on a kayak outing, so there is precedence).
I love going to Thailand because I can pack ultra light and buy what I need there… The days are passing slowly, slowly.

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