Bathroom Habits

Go take this survey and “find out what strange habits other people have when going to the bathroom.”: The Bathroom Survey
I can’t believe so many people eat when they’re on the pot. That’s just fucking sick, yo. (On the other hand, I suppose that’s how they make those corncobs (for wiping… err, scrubbing?) apparently found in outhouses down south.
Also, regarding front/back alignment of TP on spool, I have a really unhealthy obsession with keeping it strictly front. It bugs the hell out of me to find rolls mounted backward, anywhere. Before houseguests come over, I switch in a new roll to ensure nobody runs out and mounts a roll “backwards” (I use quotes because apparently in the UK and Australia, backwards is the norm, which I found out from me mate, Koala John. Interestingly enough, KJ also told me that raisins are called “sultanas” [Kellogs’ Sultana Bran just sounds wrong to these American ears – it’s like being told apples are known as “manzanacitas” in Wales or something], and that Vegemite on toast actually is not listed in the dictionary as “shit on a shingle,” but I have no idea whether either of the above are commonly consumed on the toilet or not.)
Obviously, “double-dipping” must be the reason so many people claim to always wash their hands.

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