Gone fishin’

Since I had a paid holiday to use up this week, I took the day off and slept until mid-afternoon. In truth, I had intended on waking up early to go fishing, but I got trapped in the intoxicating warmth of my blankets. By the time I got moving, the tides were unfavorable, so I thought we would go hiking up in the mountains and maybe try some largemouth bass (in Japan, “black bass”) fishing. We were not disappointed, as I hooked up with a couple 13-14 inchers within the first fifteen minutes:
What an awesome day off!

1 thought on “Gone fishin’

  1. I don’t think you’ll ever wake up early to go fishing, but in this case I’d say the late start worked out just right.
    BTW, the T.D., lamely enough, stands for “Team Daiwa”.

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