3 thoughts on “Chibi! Kuro! Sambo!”

  1. You used to like the pancakes at Sambo’s Restaurant, remember? All that melted “tiger-butter…it used to make me uneasy to look up at the Little Black Sambo sign and wonder how blacks felt…reminds me a bit of the racist retail humor promoted unapologetically by a certain retailer who was sued by its own employess for being told to hire people (whites only) who looked like the models in their catalogues…and remember this? http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/c/a/2002/04/18/MN109646.DTL

  2. y’know, the fucked up thing about Sambo isn’t just that it’s racist, but that Sambo is actually dissing both people of African & Indian descent. I think that Sambo was originally Indian, & then got re-translated by ol’ whitey as an African. Way to go, dumbasses. I don’t know if it was Raj racism that got translated into Jim Crow racism, or what.
    I don’t know where the Japanese come in after that. Maybe Commodore Perry’s ship was passing out copies of Sambo instead of bibles.


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