Chibi! Kuro! Sambo!

In the race toward cultural insensitivity, Japan proves to be a proud contender once again! Next month, Japanese publisher Zuiunsha will revive the Japanese version of Little Black Sambo: LINK
I’m buying, like, a thousand copies to hand out in place of business cards.

3 thoughts on “Chibi! Kuro! Sambo!

  1. You used to like the pancakes at Sambo’s Restaurant, remember? All that melted “tiger-butter…it used to make me uneasy to look up at the Little Black Sambo sign and wonder how blacks felt…reminds me a bit of the racist retail humor promoted unapologetically by a certain retailer who was sued by its own employess for being told to hire people (whites only) who looked like the models in their catalogues…and remember this?

  2. y’know, the fucked up thing about Sambo isn’t just that it’s racist, but that Sambo is actually dissing both people of African & Indian descent. I think that Sambo was originally Indian, & then got re-translated by ol’ whitey as an African. Way to go, dumbasses. I don’t know if it was Raj racism that got translated into Jim Crow racism, or what.
    I don’t know where the Japanese come in after that. Maybe Commodore Perry’s ship was passing out copies of Sambo instead of bibles.

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