Yoda Revisited

Looking through some photos I took last year brought back memories of the one-eyed kitten we rescued and eventually named Yoda. His was a happy ending.
My sister took him as carry-on when she went back home to the states last summer. He now lives at my family’s house and apparently weighs more than our Shih Tzu.
I have missed having pets here in Japan.

4 thoughts on “Yoda Revisited

  1. Yoda has been spending his mornings and evenings getting busy with his baby bear and big elephant. Meanwhile, Molly is suffering from a false pregnancy, a condition in which she willed herself to lactate even though she isn’t pregnant. I didn’t know dogs could do that…You should come home and visit Yoda!

  2. All I want to know is: Who is milking the dog?
    If you think about it, this condition might have come in handy when we found Yoda. Raising a cat on dog’s milk would have been really cool.

  3. I just washed all 3 critters, Yoda, Jak and Molly. I cannot believe that Yoda (6 months old/13 pounds of very shiny, healthy rowdiness. It’s hard to believe that he’s the same little alleycat that looked so skanky and uglish as a near-drowned baby. He’s now the handsome, affectionate King of the House, the Evil Shredder of countless rolls of toilet paper who will cry like an infant when he sees “mommy” Mer come home…and he’s a badass watchcat, too, kind of territorial and hissy when strangers come over.

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