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  1. hey, did you find that mp3 thru me, or is it just a coincidence? (it’s hella cool, ain’t it?)
    thanks for answering before, btw. Do you have the NTT address that lets me check where the nearest sation is, i looked around ntt.co.jp to no avail. 🙁
    (and after this, no more questions, i promise.) ^_^m

  2. Someone mailed it to me, but I saw it on your site today – yeah, it’s been running through my head all day.
    I have the ntt site URL at home – I’ll look for it later, but I think the one I have is for NTT West. Where do you live? Anyway, I’ll have a look. Also, don’t worry about the questions – I wish I’d had somebody to ask when I had ADSL frustrations.

  3. ah cheers mate.
    turns out i’m 3km away from the nearest station. I’m in Kawasaki-shi, and we still don’t have the penetration Tokyo has. And the border is only 10 meters away, across the Tama River… 🙁
    The wife called up to get Yahoo Hikari, but they said we have to find out if our small, mid-80s building has a “shugo haizenban.” We have no idea how to find this out! Any thoughts?!
    I quit drinking a few months ago, but i totally owe you a beer or somethin’.

  4. When I got hikari, I was in a similar situation and solved it by going to the source – I signed up on the Family 100 Hikari plan with NTT. It may not be the cheapest way to go, but it is the surest way of getting up and running if you live out in the sticks (comparatively). The up side of living away from the population centers is that you may have better speeds – I regularly score in the top 1% of all the speed tests when I bother checking (usually over 40Mbps these days).
    Check out what you can find at:
    The teetotaler thing is kind of sad – but I totally feel for you having done it myself for a whole year during university.

  5. i’ll check out flets too…
    jst as an update, SoNet said “Wait ten days” (they wont charge us) to see if our speed increases. Yahoo also set up camp at my station, so i’m thinking/praying maybe they built a new dsl substation nearby…
    i’ll keep ya posted!

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