Not like this guy. Whoa… That’s even more impressive than the parking cone collection I had in my college dorm room! I have a feeling that guy would feel at home in Akiba, for some reason.
Useless factoid o’ the day: I went to middle school with the daughter of Sergio Aragones. Groo!

3 thoughts on “MAD?

  1. Unfortunately, no, but his daughter always talked about him (I think she was from his previous marriage) and all of us guys would hang on every word, as you might imagine.

  2. What i was referring to was what I thought was an ubiquitous PR photo of Aragones holding a giant pen…ready to autograph! in his usual zany kind of stance…only after I posted this did I realize that I couldn’t find the dang picture!
    Anyway–that guy rules.

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