In the groove

I have a long weekend, so I’m going boarding with my bro and T up near Lake Biwako. We leave tonight and will sleep in the parking lot so we can get in a full day. Tomorrow night, Bill is closing his bar in Nara, so we’ll head there for some apres ski debauchery. Oh, my little cousin Nana broke her brand new Powerbook, so I gotta take a look at that before getting too sloshed, I suppose.
On Sunday, we’ll go visit Nam’s older sister, who flew over from Bangkok this week for a business trip.
Other than that, right now we’re at T’s house waiting for him to finish eating his bowl of soup and listening to Right On, a Last Poets vinyl. It is the angry sound of the street, in a world as far away from this little Japanese house as can be – but the pop and crackle of the record is familiar and soothing, and every single song on this album has been sampled for use in rap songs over the years. I sit here and mentally name the usages of the sampled sections as the record plays. Public Enemy, Jungle Brothers, Tribe Called Quest. To me, this is the sound of one hand clapping.
After the long, rainy drive out from Awaji, I am in danger of becoming immobile, because I am tired, and have found a rare moment of peace. Ah, but now they are calling for me to go. Well… If I must. Just drag me off to the slopes already.
I have known worse moments than this, and tonight I am smiling.

3 thoughts on “In the groove

  1. Justin–I don’t know what your DVD situation is (though I’m sure you have the US & Japanese zones programmed for your setup…no?)
    Seriously Check Out the Special Edition DVD of Wattstax…made even more brilliant with the Chuck D/Rob Bowman commentary track. Love love love my Chuck D. Talk about feeding the history of political rap & the Native Tongues…
    Always good to pay tribute to the sound of vinyl in this iPod Age Of Sterile Sound.

  2. Hi Justin…
    Do you have an email address that I can reach you or could you contact me directly at the adress I put in this form? I think you know my brother Bill. He is the one who directed me to your site a few months ago. I’m trying to reach him. If you could respond, it would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you!

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