What’s the time?

Done with work. Called T and confirmed he got the tickets. Adam and Nam are eating pizza. Getting ready to go to Osaka-jo hall, and it’s definitely time to get ill:
Riding down the block with my box in my hand
Today I feel like chillin’ just as chill as I can
Coolin’ on the corner with a forty of O.E.
‘Cause me and M.C.A. we’re down with Mike D
When I run a jam I don’t give a damn
When I’m throwing bass I say, “Thank you ma’am.”
Fuel injected, rhyme connected running things
I’m the King Adrock and I’m the king of all kings
I’m looking for a spot things are gettin’ hot
I’m M.C.A., I’m here to stay and you sir, are not
Oh no, it could not be it’s such a sight to see
It’s such a trip you’re on my tip so listen to Mike D.
My work is my play cause I’m playing when I work
My name’s Mike D., as you can see and I can dot the jerk
M.C.A., Adrock, Mike D. – it’s chill
What’s the time? it’s time to get ill

2 thoughts on “What’s the time?

  1. Goin off the hook like Latrell Spreewell
    I’ve got the ill technique so you know me be well
    We be kickin bass all up in your face
    And when it comes to beats well I’m the rhythm ace
    Now if you check my pulse it beats skull snaps
    I keep all my rhymes in my Le Sportsac
    So what if I’m a ham and cheese on rye
    I got to do my thing and that’s no lie
    Well ice is cold and fire is hot
    When it comes to competition we’ve got them locked

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