I’m screwed

A very attractive…GIRLFRIEND I have. An attractive friend of the female persuasion is staying over as well. My girlfriend is reading as I write this over my shoulder. Fucking please, somebody help! Well, I guess I asked for it. Many beers. Fuck me. I’m a fucking idiot for even mentioning this shit.

6 thoughts on “I’m screwed

  1. Hmmm. I thought you were the cosmicbuddha! Maybe it’s the “too many beers” and not about too many attractive girls?
    On a side note, have you heard the term, “drink and dial?” Maybe you’re modeling “drink and blog”.
    Sleep well, my boy!

  2. jesus christ. see what happens when i break the unwritten rules of blogging? i leave one little drunkblog up for a bit too long, and all your dark, perverted minds come out to play with each other!
    i like it!
    i better get a post up tonight… something, anything…

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