Salaryman’s year-end maxim

I always plan to tie up loose ends and complete x amount of work by the end of the year; by the time Christmas rolls around my productivity dwindles to slightly above absolute zero and I’ve unconsciously convinced myself that all but the most critical issues can be postponed until work resumes.
This is my fourth or fifth salaryman Christmas, but the most annoying thing about the winter season in Japan, even more than work, continues to be Wham’s “Last Christmas” resounding throughout shopping malls, train stations, and other public gathering places near you.

3 thoughts on “Salaryman’s year-end maxim

  1. Young grasshopper you have not yet learned the skill of setting your goals really low, complaining about how hard it will be to achieve them all year, and then just eeking by at the end?

  2. Ahh, Christmas is over and now it’s time to put forth Good Wishes for a better, happier, healthier, more prosperous New Year! And a nicer job, maybe?

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