Many Japanese remember Pearl Harbor differently:
Pearl Harbor Part 1
Pearl Harbor Part 2
Then again, I remember a walk in the park back in high school. December 7th. Fountain Valley, CA. An old white guy approached me and said I should be “ashamed to walk outside today.” To be truthful, I had no idea what he was talking about until he started talking about “sneaky Japs,” and got in my face about “what my country did.” Then I remembered what day it was.
I remember wanting to smack him down for a brief second, but turned away in disgust. That’s how December 7 got burned in my memory for all time – some racist nutfuck branded it there.

7 thoughts on “Infamy

  1. I have a WWI veteran great uncle (now dead). The first time he met Y (my bride-to-be), he launched into a tirade about “you fucking japs” and how he lost his brother in “that war.” Discourse ended when my grandfather told my uncle to leave after I threatened to beat his dentures into the back of his head.

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  3. Tom, this is completely unrelated, so forgive me, but thinking about Y’s full name is driving me insane. I have a strong feeling it’s Yukiko, but I can’t discount the possibility of it being Yuko, Yoko, or Yae, among others. Mind you, I’m not asking you to reveal her name or anything – I just wanted to let you know it drives me crazy in the spare time I have to be driven so.

  4. Okay, now something else is driving me crazy. Why did I know it was Yukiko? I wonder if you ever used her full name in your weblog. Or maybe it’s just because it’s a fairly common name. Then again, maybe you just seem like a “Yukiko” type of guy, whatever the hell that means. Anyway. I wish a long and happy future for you two.

  5. I might’ve accidentally written her full name one time. I’m usually cautious to prevent that, but it might’ve happened.
    Then again, Y ukiko is an exremely common name.

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