The dark rings under his eyes are from being slapped

The Big Ho comes clean:
“I can’t touch a woman’s chest and enlarge her breasts just because she’s asked the Lord for bigger titties.”
That doesn’t mean you should stop trying, man.
Meanwhile, get some (well-earned) sleep already.

2 thoughts on “The dark rings under his eyes are from being slapped

  1. You know… when you isolate my tittie quote like that, it almost seems funny.
    Thanks for the shout-out, man. I (belatedly) hope you guys have dug out from the storm damage and are bopping merrily along into Japanese winter.
    Off to take a nap,

  2. Hey Jus, you might just be cut out to be a respected (or not) member of the cloth, too! What a great idea! Loved Kevin-the-Elder’s confession and ability to let his inner orifice, I mean, oracle, speak in the tongues of Angels, Buddhas and uncommon men.

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