Sut ne “Google killer”?

Microsoft’s best cheap shot at Google, utilizing their new (Improved! Economy-sized! 20% more inside, free!) search engine, is unsurprisingly lame:
more evil than satan
How original.
I see msn search is integrating reference answers with Web-page results. Gee, looks vaguely familiar, doesn’t it?
In other news, Hotmail (who graciously decided to disable my account and erase my message archives spanning over five years for no good reason) has upped the usage limit to 250MB (someone must have realized that the previous single digit limit was – how do you say – oh, that’s right, a fucking joke). Oh, well, without the comfort of the Gates mothership, I guess I’ll just stumble along blindly with this “GMail” thingy then… Wait. What’s that? They enabled free POP access you say?
Maybe I’ll be OK after all. Whew.

7 thoughts on “Sut ne “Google killer”?

  1. I liked the sixth entry in the search list the best. This whole thing reaks of effort. Microsoft can’t keep itself from turning anything it does into evil, bloated corpware.

  2. I really like the new MS search engine….sorry guys. Google will finally have some more competition, which is good. They’re rushing a bit too quickly toward portal-dom for my liking.
    The MS results are not bad at all. It’s still beta. If they play it right they’ll trounce Google at their own game. Google has been better at promoting its advertising networks in AdWords and AdSense recently and the results of the search engine are suffering.
    I don’t trust big-brother Google any more than MS. Competition is good…

  3. Here comes a totally unrelated question, but what
    do you know about skype telephony? My brother says
    he can call dirt cheap to anywhere (of course we
    got cut off every 45 seconds when he called the
    bar).Is it usable from Japan. Let me know if there
    is something to know, will ya. (

  4. Skype is good. From PC to PC it’s totally free. From PC to phone, what you are talking about, it is also cheap and good quality. However you need a credit card and a mic (a headset, too, unless you want to use the speakers). I can bring a spare mic next time. Remind me the next time we speak on the phone.

  5. Skype is very good from Japan. I paid the 10 Euro base charge and they added 5 Euros on free…just because I was an early adopter. Now I can call anywhere..even to people’s mobile phones in the US. Tres cool.
    I have a headset, but find that the quality is so damn good that I don’t bother. I’ve been doing all my long distance with Skype. I even use it to call in Japan. It’s cheaper to some extent. I don’t think Skype can replace your land-line yet, but they’re working on it.

  6. Cool! Good to hear. I guess I have to start some
    kiss-ass again with Aeon. If that works, should be
    able to get the card up and running by New Year’s.
    I ‘ll remind you about the mic next time you’re
    coming out.Got to get bill out here sometime too!!

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