GMail: You are currently using 65 MB (7%) of your 1000 MB

Just out of curiousity, how much of the 1000MB have you used?
(thanks to Osaka bill and Tom for my accounts; if there is possibly anybody left in the free world who still needs an invite, let me know)

6 thoughts on “GMail: You are currently using 65 MB (7%) of your 1000 MB

  1. You are currently using 72 MB (7%) of your 1000 MB.
    I’m not much further ahead it seems. I just don’t get enough spam nowadays. 😉
    I’m slightly unimpressed with their spam filtering abilities. I get newsletters constantly placed in the spam bin regardless of how many times I press the “This is not Spam” button. Maybe they need a way to let me run SpamBayes on my account…oh wait they do, POP access…but that defeats the purpose of having a webmail account, doesn’t it?

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