Exploring Uranus

It will be no surprise for anybody who has ever visited a Japanese hospital to find out that doctors really are sick fucks:

Now, after a year of apologizing for a necessary exam I think I?ve lost all shame in it. In fact, there are times when a rectal is really necessary and if I could stick my finger up the patient?s ass without even saying ?hello? I probably would.
Now, I say things like ?flip over, WE have to do a rectal examination? (As if he?s participating or maybe he gets to give me one afterwards). Or even better yet (snotty English accent) ?Oh intern, we need a rectal exam on Ms. D, would you kindly skooch on over there and do it??
I?ve found, strangely enough, that I usually connect much better with the patients whose assholes I explored. In a way, it brings us together. In a really sick, kind of demented way.
Rectals are also a great way to punish patients. At least the really annoying ones or those that try to take advantage of us. I?ve lied to patients before and spent an extra long few seconds checking out a prostate. Really checking it out. You now know why this blog is anonymous right?

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What an Asshole

2 thoughts on “Exploring Uranus

  1. Well, I suppose suffering a painful bout with testicular cancer or cancer of the colon or rectum is a much better thing than a rectal exam, huh? From a hospice point of view, it’s a good thing to have preventive screenings and to support the health practitioners who have to put up with snarky fear-based reactions from otherwise okay guys. So bend over, you homophob!

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