Instapundit on CNN Japan

Watched the Professor Reynolds interview on the international version of CNN this morning. It was kind of short, but he ended by saying that CBS should own up to their mistake – it was a milestone for bloggers, IMHO. This is the first time I’ve seen something like this broadcast in Japan. This was the Paula Zahn show, by the way. She interviewed wonkette after that, but she was about as interesting as her site, as in “not.”

1 thought on “Instapundit on CNN Japan

  1. Someone talked to the secretary who actually typed the memos in the office in question. She said the CBS memos were faked, albeit the info was not off the mark. A strange compromise, but interesting.
    The entire mystique of Wonkette seems unwarranted. It’s like everyone pretends to like it, so they will fit in with other people – who they think already like it.

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