I, Mexican’t

This weekend, when asked to describe a burrito to a SE Asian man (probably my future father-in-law, if such things matter), I described it as a “Mexican springroll.” Sometimes I just have my moments.
That got me hungry, so I made fajitas for us all.
In the age of Teflon-coated, feng shui-infused, drop-forged-in-space cookware, cast iron griddles still kick ass. However, my newly-purchased titanium wok (purchased at Jusco, 2000 yen) positively 0wnzz0rs for black bean sauce stir fry, garlic chicken, and the assorted curry dishes I have tried cooking in it. It heats faster than steel and is light enough to perform street tricks with (I’ve tried the Jive Nelly and an inverse limp-wrist 720 sinkgrind-to-deadfish ollie fazer and although splattering myself with excess olive oil, actually managed to land both tricks! Don’t try this at home, kids.). I also suspect it could be used as a conveyance back in time if one could be bothered to hook up some spare power lines to the clock tower one stormy night…
Fresh limes are the fulcrum of a kick-ass grilled meat dish.
Fresh limes often cost a dollar each in Japan, and are sometimes smaller than a “D” battery (“D motherfucker, D!”).
The first person who correctly guesses the origin of the quote above gets a fajita in the mail; leave a mailing address in the comments as well as your meat preference (chicken, pork, or fugu).
*If you live outside of Japan, I’m sending it by surface.
**If you live in Japan, just come by the house sometime.

4 thoughts on “I, Mexican’t

  1. “Do the Right Thing”, Spike Lee. Save the fajita.
    “Twenty D Energizers.”
    “Twenty, C Energizer?”
    “D, not C, D.”
    “B Energizer?”
    “D motherfucker, D! Learn to speak english first, alright? D!”
    “How many you say?”
    “Twenty, motherfucker, twenty.”
    “Mother-fuck you!”

  2. What can I say. I knew you guys would get the movie reference but it takes a special kind of twisted to remember Black Korea, Horny Little Devil, et al. You make me proud.

  3. I’d like chicken, and could you send that along
    with your nanto bank donation. Or you could bring
    it with you, yours, and your mexican springroll
    SE Asian sidekick.

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