5 thoughts on “Gaijin card, please

  1. Another pointless idea from the Diet. How many Islamic terrorists are even in Japan? 4, maybe? What are the chances they would be let onto a flight together? In Asia?
    The Japanese Air Marshalls could better spend their time hunting down the a-hole who broke into my car.

  2. That’s too bad – what’s the damage? My Silvia got broken into last year and my girlfriend’s school bag got taken. The fuckers actually dumped after rifling through her stuff and it got returned but the damage was already done – they broke my lock and door handle. Like Vincent Vega said, it would have been worth them doing it if I coulda caught ’em.

  3. I totally support this. I know a few u.s. air marshalls – worked with them in the USBP. Provided that Jp implements competent (and physically capable) sky cops, this is a good idea indeed.
    Jp may not be the point of origin of many Islamic terrorists, but it may be a layover point, or a point from which terrorists have deliberately chosen b/c of lax air safety to stage a hijacking.

  4. The guy didn’t get anything last week: he was interrupted and I *almost* caught him. The good news is: 4 hours ago he rode his bicycle through the neighborhood as he scoped out cars. I’ve alerted the neighbors, and expect a productive night. And yes, these a-holes need to be caught, ASAP.
    I forgot to mention I’m in the USA for the summer, and the guy smashed a rear window. The genius tried to steal a few boxes with the worn-out parts I had just replaced (alternator, oil-filter, air filter), but I hadn’t yet thrown out.
    I also have the license plate of the getaway car (which tried to pick-up the bad guy after I ran him off). The cops haven’t turned up anything yet (no surprise). Maybe the bad guys will walk into the Precinct Station and turn themselves in. Yeah, that would be a perfect Japanese ending to it.

  5. I’ve noticed that Japan 10 years ago had better security measures (for weapons) than the US does today. As for screening for terrorists, I hope the Japanese are better at using their list of bad guys than the FBI/Airports were in the months before 9/11.

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