Clear Lenses

Clear or yellow-colored lenses (aka “ambers”) are one of my pet peeves, because it all seems so high school. I think Options magazine is at fault for popularizing this trend in the states as well as Japan (although I cannot truly disparage this holiest-of-holy publications). I remember my Acura Racing Club pals ordering these parts from Japan for their Integras. That was ten or fifteen years ago, so when I see how many middle-aged men put them on their cars now, it makes me kinda sick. Grow the fuck up already, ya know?.

2 thoughts on “Clear Lenses

  1. The clear lenses came on my car.
    (2003 Toyota Matrix). They aren’t nearly as bad as the jokes that come when friends ask for a ride.
    “Hey, Mandy, can you show me what the Matrix is?”

  2. They were fine as a factory option.
    Option is not responsible for popularizing this in the states, APC is. The company is nearly synonymous with Euro lenses.

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