CS: Source Beta

CS: Source is out! Counter-Strike on the HL2 engine! So far, only a fraction of the players are actually playing seriously, almost everyone is experimenting with the new physics enabled by this awesome engine. NVG goggles, as pictured here, got a serious power-up, as did flashbangs. No more of the screen just whiting out crap, now you get double/blurry vision and a screeeeching headache when you get flashed as well.
If you have a paid copy of Condition Zero, you qualify to beta test CS: Source. A tip: Join servers with a max capacity of 20 or under. If you don’t, prepare for serious lag. Either way, you’ll have lotsa fun plinking cans, barrels, and tires that are scattered around the map…. Speaking of which, I wonder when they’ll release aztec. Dust is getting kind of boring, and I want to see the water effects like they showed in the demo movies.

Macha Calpis

Quite possibly the grossest drink I have ever seen. Macha-flavored Calpis (green tea-flavored cultured yogurt drink). Didn’t even warrant a taste test.

Summer Break

I’m on break all this week and am taking the time to work on my late afternoon inverted snoring technique. Blogging will resume soon – see ya then!