Obsrv. Cont’d.

6. Life is flowing like water through my fingers. Time running out… Must adopt harried writing style. Also sentence fragments. And abrvi8… No wait that’s 13375p34K. So immature. Maybe I’ll just clean up my act and post only about politics.
6a. Nah, fuck that.
7. Why is it still so hard to surf true-believer political blogs and not feel slightly depressed afterward? (I bring this up because I suspect it only gets worse with age.)
7a. And why do politicians giving speeches on TV still look so much better when Hollywood does it? Can’t we get someone who sounds smarter than an actor on the fucking stage and in charge of really important shit that affects every aspect of our lives?
8. Car insurance gets cheaper in Japan when you turn 30. This is actually the second of two discount age levels for anything above legally required coverage. The first one is when you turn 26.
8a. Now this is not a huge amount of cash I’m talking about here, but with most people bitching at me to slow down (or to stop tailgating Porsche weenies who drive under the speed limit) all the time, it’s nice for someone to finally acknowledge my spotless driving record. Monetarily. The ironic thing is that I need to get coverage for all ages anyway if Adam wants to drive my car when he moves out here (later this week, BTW).
9. On balmy summer nights, Astrocreep 2000 is still the undefeated champion of impulsive gas pedal stomping on moonlit stretches of open highway.
9a. No I’m not shitting you. White Zombie was a great band, and Astrocreep 2K was absolutely phenomenal, although a couple of their songs on that album got way overplayed. This is how MTV and hit charts poison good bands (can anybody say “Frogstomp?”).
10. Mondays still suck, the people around me are still idiots, and in my ten year visit to this country, I have now sworn under my breath (in English so as not to be understood) at someone during a conversation approximately a hundred thousand million billion times.
10a. I’ve only been caught doing it a few times, once by a lady cop who was writing me up a bullshit parking ticket and apparently understood the words “fucking bitch.” I’d never been so scared my whole life as when she replied in perfect English, “what did you just call me?”, then called for backup.

6 thoughts on “Obsrv. Cont’d.

  1. hey saw you sent a trackback to our site baloolapalooza.com but since movabletype is a bit back asswards sometimes i can’t seem to figure out to which article
    either way rock on, but i’d love to know to which.

  2. how i missed that with the link staring me in the face on the words “astrocreep 2000” is beyond me
    and thanx, i plan to rework it soon though, i love your observations, both sets though man
    thanks for rreading us though stop in again sometime soon

  3. I’ve been using Astrocreep 2000 for a number of years now to get a charge before workouts and competitions and the like. Not surprised it’s good racing music too.
    Great story about the Japanese woman cop. Likely would’ve pissed myself in the same situation. What ultimately happened? Did you get a good nightsticking, or what?

  4. “I’d never been so scared my whole life when she replied in perfect English, “what did you just call me?”, then called for backup.”
    Doesn’t it suck that only the folks you don’t want around you speak English *really* well?

  5. Fear is an amazing motivator. I went from “angry gaijin” mode to “sniveling little bitch” mode in two seconds flat.
    I apologized, like, very sincerely, and explained I was angry for getting a parking ticket, which by the way was also completely my fault.
    She forgave me, and even expressed regret about the parking fine I would have to pay (cheapest parking fine in Japan is over a hundred bucks).
    “I know it’s expensive for a student,” she said, again, in perfect English.
    And hence I was saved from getting my ass kicked by a little Japanese woman, as well as the goon squad when they arrived.

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